Get The Look Summer Outfits: Ariana Grande

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So I thought I would start a new feature on the blog and I'm going to call it Get The Look. Now I know this is a catch phrase for a few things but what this will generally be is where I will pick a celebrity, or a celebrity you'd like me to do and I'm going to tell you how to get at least one of their outfits in the high street shops! That means no massive prices, no travelling miles to find the shop and you can look just as good!

I decided that I would start with Ariana Grande because I personally love her outfits. She always looks completely adorable and has an amazing sense of style!

As Summer is coming up I decided to keep it seasonal and thought it a great time to look at some easy outfits for you to enjoy.

As any Ariana fan will know, she has an amazing collection of cute dresses. A lot of them are floral but all of them look amazing. They really suit her figure and give us an insight into her personality.

Source                                      Source                                          Source

So here we have three examples of Ariana's dresses, one of which is an every day one from instagram pictures whilst the other two appear to be at formal events. I happen to know that the white and floral dress is from the MTV Movie Awards in April 2013!

                      Floral Dress: New Look, £19.99               Cream and Gold Sequin Skater: New Look, £27.99

Now here are two dresses that I think really have an Araina feel. The floral dress is cute and strappy, perfect for the summer. The flared skirt is great if you are nervous/body conscious like myself and I think this is a dress that would suit almost anyone! Unfortunately, I think it wouldn't suit someone that had larger breasts. The detailing at the top where it's sewn I find never fits well, more often than not the bottom of the detail doesn't fall beneath my chest but rather cuts it in half and gives me a weird shape (I hope that made sense).However I think this is different with the second dress. This one reminds me largely of the dress Ariana wore to the MTV Awards, both are pale with floaty skater skirts and detail on the top. But because this dress has a high neck with no sewn detailing it makes it fine for any chest size and really flatters the waist and hips where it cinches in!

Below are a couple shoes that I think would look amazing with these dresses too! Ariana is a fan of heels and flats so I think these would both be something she'd be interested in!

Sandal Wedges: New Look, £24.99          Pink Ballet Pumps: Topshop, £16

And there we have it! That is my first ever Get The Look Summer Outfits. 
What did you think?
Should I do this again?
Is there a particular celebrity you'd like me to look at?

Thanks for reading lovelies! 
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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